RED LIGHT THERAPY - Innovations In Skin Care

Red Light Therapy has been available for several years at medical spas but has been too expensive for many people until now. 203 Tan Co. is proud to offer this revolutionary treatment for a fraction of the price along with the convenience of anytime access.

Red Light Therapy

Skin Care Benifits
  • Minimizes Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Regenerates Collagen and Elastin
  • Improves Skin tone and Complexion
  • Kills Acne, Refines Pore Size
  • Minimizes cellulite, scars & stretch marks
  • Increases skin’s Circulation for Faster Healing
  • Repairs sun damaged skin, fades age spots

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I expect from Red Light Therapy treatments?

    Treatments using red light will improve skin tone and texture, control pigmentation spots, help reduce pore size, encourage vibrant, healthier-looking skin, and reduce wrinkles. Anti-aging red light therapy stimulates circulation and repairs the elastin fibers within tissue to help keep skin firm.

  • How many treatments are required?

    In the first 4-12 weeks it is recommended that you have 3 treatments per week. In the time to follow it is recommended that you have 1 session a week to maintain the benefits gained.

  • Are there side effects?

    There are no reported side effects from Red Light Therapy.

  • Does Red Light Collagen Therapy treat acne, age spots, and damaged skin?

    Red light helps remove the bacteria that causes acne, and generates cellular activity that deals with age spots and damaged skin. Anti-aging red light therapy brightens skin and reduces the formation of pigmentation marks.

  • Does red light therapy work equally well on all skin types?

    Red Light Collagen Therapy is safe and effective for all skin types. The main prerequisite is that skin be clean for effective light transmission.