Sun Beds

At 203 Tan Co., we offer many levels of UV Tanning beds and UV-Free Tanning. We can meet the needs of the beginning tanner all the way to the connoisseur of tan.


  • Gives you p2+ Vitamin D3 that results in tanning that is really gentle on the skin
  • Max Tan Time 10 Minutes
  • MP3 sound box, Air Con, Mega Voice
  • X-tra Tan
  • Canopy 20 160 watt, 4 600 watt, 6 p2 lamps
  • Shoulder 2 250 watt, Lounge 20 180 watt

Future Sun HP

  • 44 Total Lamps
  • Facial-Intensive-Tanning-System
  • Double air-cooled acrylics
  • The bench contains 19-160 watt, 71” reflectors
  • Maximum exposure time: 10 minutes

KBL Pure Energy Tower

With its spacious and modern design, the KBL Tower Pure Energy is guaranteed to leave you impressed. This incredible stand-up booth features:

  • 12,000 Watts of power
  • Max Tan Time 10 Minutes
  • No pressure points
  • Vacuum cooling effect while you tan
  • 52 total lamps

KBL 4500

The KBL 4500 is the ultimate in mid-level tanning equipment. The KBL 4500 includes all the creature comforts of higher level equipment with a longer exposure time.

  • Integrated, adjustable cooling system
  • Mega Voice
  • MP3 sound box
  • Pure Air
  • 12 minute max tan time

Starship Stand-up

  • All over tan that is easier to achieve than in a bed
  • Great results in a small amount of time
  • 9 minute session


  • 46-160 watt VHR body lamps
  • 4-650 watt adjustable facial tanners
  • 2- Solar shoulder reflector tanners
  • Built in speakers with MP3 connection
  • Adjustable aroma therapy and cooling mist
  • 12 minute max tan time


The "Sunboard," is a completely high pressure tanning lounge.. The Sunboard lamps produce almost 100 percent UVA light, which is the light that causes pigment darkening, or more simply put, tanning, while reducing the risk of burning, drying of the skin, and fine line wrinkles.

  • Patented reflector system
  • Open Air Tanning
  • Stereo Speakers
  • 15 Minute Exposure Time

California Tan Sunless Spray

  • Automated spray-tanning
  • Completely private, this state-of-the-art booth uses electrostatic technology to achieve a perfect streak-free tan every time, in a matter of seconds
  • Appealing, non-claustrophobic and open-air design
  • Requires no extra plumbing or special electrics